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Hey, gang - time for a fancy new announcement: :iconcomfortlove: and I are officially streaming our art on Twitch! Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 10 PM EST, we'll be recording our work on commissions, comics, prints, whatever we feel like. Watch us doing marker drawing, digital color, drawing comic pages, and more. We've already been doing some test-streams, so you can head to the page RIGHT NOW to see us working on Overwatch, Disney Villains, The Uniques, Flash, Frozen, old Nintendo characters and more.

We wanted to kick off the big announcement with a bang, so this Friday, we'll be doing our first ever LIVE Directors' Commentary! Head to our channel Friday night at 10 PM EST where we'll be going through the first issue of The Uniques, talking about our process, drawing the book, writing the book, story and character stuff, and more. Then, in the second half, we'll be going through the original issue from back in 2008, comparing that with the Extended Directors' Cut, and showing how we improved and why we did the alterations we did.

We're taking all questions too, so feel free to ask anything you like about the comic or how it's made. We want this to be a resource to you as much as anything, so bring your curiosity and we'll do our best to help you out!

So come see us Tues, Thurs, and Fri for drawing, coloring, and more, and we really hope you stop by this Friday for the big Director's Commentary!

The Uniques Director Commentary Live Friday! by ComfortLove
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Already followed! Good luck with your streams!
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